Montana Farm Art

Tammy Bridges

Born in Missoula Montana


Tammy and her husband Marc have lived in Helena for over 30 years. She completed a welding course at the Helena School of Technology in 20032. Tammy turned her creativity to western decor accents in original head crafted style, which you will be proud to display inside or out. Her sculptures have been featured in the Upper Missouri River Gallery in Helena, articles in the Woman Magazine and the Artist of the Northwest Coffee Table Book, as well as participated in the Fall art Walk in Helena and Phantom Art Walk in Butte. Some of Tammy's Sculptures are on display at the Marysville Museum and Gallery in Marysville Montana and Sletton Cancer Institute in Great Falls.


Look closely and you'll see I've formed their personalities from parts of plows, cultivators, seeders, baler mowers, spike tooth harrows and more. I try not to alter the shape and texture of the iron pieces too much. That way, you can tell what the art started out as. Farmers and Ranchers can walk up a, look at a sculpture and name every piece and even identify the machine it came from.

About the Artist